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The Swedish Neutral Automatic Tuning Device continuously monitors the network and tunes the Arc Suppression Coil to the correct value in order to reduce capacitive earth fault currents to a minimum.


  • Fast and accurate tuning using the Swedish Neutral Locus Measurement
  • Robust performance also during harsh weather conditions with floating neutral displacement – keeps the ASC tuned when the risk for earth fault is the greatest
  • Tunes all types of Arc Suppression Coils
  • User friendly handling through HMI and terminal software
  • Supplies additional network information (e.g. damping, dissymmetry, mismatch)
  • Earth fault alarm with detection of high impedance earth faults
  • Control of Neutral Earthing Resistor
  • Supports all standard protocols


  • Monitoring of harmonic levels for power quality measurements and trend analysis
  • U0-Injector for symmetrical networks