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Swedish Neutral AB, established in 1987, develops, manufactures and markets systems for neutral treatment and earth fault protection that raises reliability and safety for medium and high voltage networks.

Customers include electrical utilities, industries (steel mills, mines and others) and infrastructure customers (e.g. railways).

Our Ground Fault Neutralizer earth fault protection system helps customers to handle their earth faults in the safest and least interrupting way by supplying the fastest and most selective earth fault protection available on the market today.

Beside the Ground Fault Neutralizer protection system, Swedish Neutral offers a complete program of standard neutral devices such as arc suppression coils, grounding transformers and neutral earthing resistors.

Swedish Neutral sells directly to end customers and collaborates with competent and professional partners for the distribution of our products in Europe, Australasia and Russia.

Swedish Neutral will, with our long experience and extensive knowledge, assist you with all your earth fault protection needs.

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