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The Stand Alone Earth Fault Locator [SAEFL] is a special type of the standard Swedish Neutral Earth Fault Locator.

The SAEFL can be installed on all levels of a network where one incoming feeder is distributed to multiple outgoing feeders who in turn branches out in more feeders (e.g. in a mine, downtown distribution)

The SAEFL detects earth faults in resonance and other high impedance grounded high voltage networks. The SAEFL supplies information on what feeder the earth fault has occurred (feeder indication).

Distance to fault

If the network structure allows for looping of feeders the SAEFL can provide, in addition to feeder indication, distance to earth fault information (distance to fault).

Highly sensitive earth fault detection

The SAEFL utilizes fast, reliable and highly sensitive algorithms for earth fault detection. Common for the algorithms is the use of neutral voltage (UEN) and feeder summation currents as detection criteria.

Protocol communication

The SAEFL supports all standard SCADA protocol communication.