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An Arc Suppression Coil is a device that is connected to the transformer neutral to limit the capacitive earth fault current flowing when an earth fault occurs in a high or medium voltage network. This method of system grounding is called resonance grounding. Resonance grounding has been used in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in the Scandinavian countries for many decades. The Arc Suppression Coil was invented in 1917 by Waldemar Petersen and is therefore also referred to as a Petersen Coil. The Petersen coil chokes the fault current below the level of self-extinction for overhead networks (< 35A). By this action all transient faults in overhead networks can be cleared without feeder tripping. The basic principle of the Arc Suppression Coil has remained unchanged since 1917 and its excellent properties have been mirrored by low outage rates in the networks where it has been used.

Making the Arc Suppression Coil perfect

However, in addition to the capacitive current, the earth fault current also contains an active part. This current is normally in the order of five to ten per cent of the capacitive current. This active fault current means that cable faults and sustained faults on overhead lines cannot be cleared by any Arc Suppression Coil. Instead it is necessary to trip the feeder (mandatory in Sweden since 1987) in order to minimize the risk of fire and personal hazards due to this residual fault current. To achieve safe operation for all types of earth faults in all types of networks Waldemar Petersens long time used concept needs to be developed. The Swedish Neutral Ground Fault Neutralizer offers effective neutralization of the total earth fault current (capacitive and active) Thus, enabling safe handling of earth faults without the need for customer outage.