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Electrical accidents are one of the leading causes of mining fatalities. Electrical accidents in mines in general are also disproportionately deadly.

Single phase to ground faults (earth faults) is the dominating fault type in HV distribution networks, especially in cable grids.

Swedish Neutral has developed the GFN Mine Protection Scheme to handle earth faults in the mining environment. The GFN Mine Protection Scheme is designed to make the fault location safe as fast as possible.

Injury statistics clearly indicate that speed of protection is essential to minimize risk for death and injury. With a total response time of less than 60ms the GFN is substantially faster than all traditional protection schemes thus providing a real improvement of both personal safety as well as reduction of fire risk in the mine

Installed in the substation and connected to the transformer neutral, the GFN protects the entire high voltage network of the mine from one single point.

The GFN Mine Protection Scheme can be implemented in a step by step approach, initially in combination with existing protection and eventually employing the complete scheme.